When asking me to give a quote for Illustrating a children's book, the numbers are never the same as my last project. The answer when discussing cost is found in the details and specifications about your unique story, and what exactly it is you are looking for. 

Illustration Q&A


How much will it cost to have my children's book illustrated? 


Depending on detailing of the images and artistic style roughly  $85 - $150 Per Page  


What if I can not afford to pay that much and have a budget? 


I do realize that every upcoming author has a budget, especially the ones who are self publishing their story. That being said, making adjustments to bring design time to a minimum is possible. To some degree the rates are negotiable. 


I want to commission Wideman Illustrations, how does that work? 


When you choose to work with me you will be very happy to see that your compensation goes a long way. I offer not only high resolution, full color Illustrations, but also provide covers front and back and formatting of your book (text placement). That being said, everything created is shown to you for review through email during the completion of the book. I first start out typically seeing and reading a new client’s story, generally getting a feel for the general feel and page count - then I provide you with an instant quote for the project. My per-page rate is typically $85 - $150. (We can work something out where you will be the most comfortable). Once a grand total is determined, I then take a 30% deposit (not included or taken from the grand total). This deposit covers not only cost of materials, pencils, paper and coloring materials used to create, but it also lets us both have skin in the game. After that is received simply through my business PayPal account, I can then start work on the project, I will give you drawings of what you and I think would be best fitting for the text and you will review them once I’m finished. Let me also say that if you’ve got a deadline, I will try my hardest to finish before the time you’d like it. Though let me say that my schedule is not by any means full or packed, but other client’s work with me as well. Then once you’ve approved all artwork, text, covers and editing, I will display the link to your book and images of the covers and inside work on my website for others to see as well!


Portraiture Rates  

Full Color

Black & White Pencil




                                                                                            SIZE 5X7 - $100     SIZE 8.5X11 - $150    SIZE 11X17 - $175


Custom sizes will be quoted when requested