.Illustrating "Fee" By Stephanie Hayner, 2013

.Illustrating "Tankful of Thankful" By Trishla Gajwani, 2017

.Illustrating "Corolla Bear's OBX Adventures" By JB Butcher, 2017

.Illustrating "Skylar the Vaccum Cleaner That Really Really Really Didn't Want To Go To Sleep" By Aaron Bilgrad, 2016

.Illustrating "Miss Greenleaf's Maple Syrup" By Tia Munkhamxang, 2016

This months feature



Patty Peachious of Peanuckle 

Written by Patricia Kendalls 

Illustrated by Zach Wideman


"I will not eat peas! I hate peas!" Shocking. Impossible. Patty Peachious Peanuckle coulden't possibly hate peas, after all she is the daughter of the Mayor of no other place, but Paenuckle Town. Why everyone loves peas! Not Patty, she has a one way ticket out of town to Carrotville. 

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The Three Little Houses 

Written by Heidi Aigler 

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

The Three Little Houses tells the tale of one pig's perseverance despite the teasing of others. Written to encourage young readers to confidently be themselves, the pigs also demonstrate how to graciously win. Laugh along with these porcine characters as they learn how to accept themselves and others too. 

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Henry the Frog In A Vert Adventure, 2016 

Written by Jordan Bemis 

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

Henry is tired of being small, he never gets to do the fun things that the big frogs do...until one day with the help of a vert named Itch he is able to become the hero of Frogton.

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The Mist Twins Go To Camp, 2016

Written by Lauren Nelson 

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

Is it possible that your bad day is actually a good day? What if you learned a secret that could turn any bad day into a good day! Mr. and Mrs. Mist have identical twin daughters. But even though they look the same, they are also very different. Follow Opti and Pessi as they experience their day in different ways. See if you can discover the secret to finding your smile.

For more information, and to purchase your copy - click HERE!

Barney The Lighthouse, 2016

Written by Heidi Aigler 

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

Barney is a tall lighthouse who lives on an island. He has a very important job. He also has many friends and visitors, including a seagull. Can you find the seagull on each page? Find out what happens when a scary storm breaks Barney's light! Who will help him? Barney the Lighthouse is a fun and gentle tale for young readers. The book is lovingly modeled after the real Barnegat Lighthouse, standing tall on Long Beach Island, New Jersey."

For more information, and to purchase your copy, click HERE!

Three Guesses: A contemporary fairy tale about a loving stepmother, 2016

Written by Lisa Browning 

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

So long Wicked Stepmother! In this contemporary fairy tale, two young children learn that their father's impending marriage is nothing to fear. Although familiar fairy tales of wicked stepmothers scare them into running away, a surprising event convinces them that the common myth is mistaken. 

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"A Little Girl's Dream Come True: The Lantern Festival", 2015

Written by Tia Munkhamxang 

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

An exciting story about a little girl going on her first Lantern Festival.  Zach Wideman's beautiful illustrations add to the journey and will bring the fun and joy of this special festival of lights. "Never forget that you are never too young to go on an adventure." 

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"Adventures of a Bowling Shoe", 2015

Written by Tom Rozek

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

You think you're having a rough day?

Try being a rental bowling New Jersey! 

Meet Jim. He began life as the skin of a cow. Jim had no idea that one day, he'd end up as a left-foot rental bowling shoe in Bayonne, New Jersey.  Working at 12 Strikes Bowling World, he has to put up with long hours, sweaty-footed customers, splinters on the floor, the incompetent brothers who run the alley, and arrogant coworkers. But not everyone is rude to Jim. In fact, the many cockroaches that live in the alley are quite friendly, And then there's Sally, a piece of leather Jim met in his youth whom he dreams of finding one day. But to do that, he'll need to escape 12 Strikes Bowling World—a tall order for a short shoe. Adventures of a Bowling Shoe comes with 33 illustrations that bring the disgusting horribleness of the bowling alley to life! Great for the whole family. (Maybe not.)

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"Pokey Pop Pop & Max", 2015

Written by Daniel Birch 

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

Follow Pop Pop and Max as they go through the day from one activity to the next.  Children will love being part of the story by shouting out Max’s phrase “Come on Pokey Pop Pop” and parents will enjoy responding with “I’ll be right out Max” every time Pop Pop is being pokey. 

It’s a fun story to share with your children and grandchildren while portraying family togetherness.

For more information, and to purchase your copy, click HERE!

"Lesky Lee, Monster of Monsters", 2015

Written by Matt Bergin

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

Bedtime has gone bad for LESKY LEE. Monsters are turning her dreams into nightmares. There's only one way to take bedtime back -- become the MONSTER of MONSTERS! The creative team behind "Blank Slater, The Boy With The Dry-Erase Face" introduces a new face of fear to the land of creeps and weirdos. Monsters beware...because Lesky Lee needs a nap!

To purchase, contact : Matt Bergin, Also available as an ebook via the Amazon Kindle Store.

"Blank Slater, The Boy With the Dry-Erase Face", 2013

Written by Matt Bergin

Illustrated by Zach Wideman

The story of Blank Slater is a journey of emotional connectivity and creative expression written for young readers, early listeners, and the parents and teachers of both. This full-color picture book takes a simple approach to exploring common but complicated ideas like emotional confusion, the quest for tolerance and acceptance in a sometimes cruel world, and the importance of working through it all to persevere. With built-in activity pages, readers can explore these themes further when the story is over.

To purchase, contact : Matt Bergin, Also available as an ebook via the Amazon Kindle Store.

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"Brownies & Rose-Leaves", 2014 

Written by Rosa Gurny 

Inside Illustrations by Zach Wideman

Brownies and Rose-Leaves was a book given to Agatha Christie, famed mystery writer and one of the top-selling authors of all time, by her father in 1895. People who knew Agatha believe that having the book at such a young age influenced her childhood. Agatha revolved around magical and mysterious places, secret gardens, kingdoms, fairies, elves, flowers and trees, which inspired her imaginative writing career. 

These fairy tales of Brownies--today we know them as elves--come to you from Brownie Land, a land of magical gardens and fun stories. The beautiful color illustrations will take you back in time to the imaginary enchanted places of Brownies, birds, flowers, and animals -- a wonderful place where children and adults can dream of an imaginary world, as Agatha did.

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