Paul McCartney chose my artwork!! 

This past weekend my rendition of Paul was featured by Paul Mccartney's official Instagram page! I used the hashtag, #WhatsNewPaul and woke up to this awesome bucket list achievement completed for me. He does this every Friday for "FanArtFriday", Thanks Paul! Check out the news and great images right now @paulmccartney via Instagram.

Stuck In The Rain 


Never is there a better feeling than drawing what you want, how you want, and for however long. These three inspire me most. Check this post out on Instagram as well (@widemanillustrations) 

A Christmas Commission 

I had some extra time in the schedule to create this drawing for a family who recently bought their first home. I certainly hope they cherish it for years as it felt good to give a gift through my talents to a stranger this Christmas. 

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The Science Behind Pixar

Having been as busy as I've been these past few weeks, squeezing in deadlines and three projects at once - naturally, I made it to the new exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston. Stephanie and I had the most fun animating the famous Pixar Luxo Lamp! I also got a chance to pose with Wall-E just as one of my most cherished idols, John Lasseter did just weeks before. "You look like you already work here!", Stephanie told me when referring to the Pixar company. Here is a tribute to just that!

Give It a 5!

It is now voting time for my Squishable design. My Sunflower will appear on the Squishable website in this weeks batch of contestants. Rate the design a 5 and it'll get the average it needs to become a real plush!  VOTE HERE!

Future Stationary Business Takes Flight (working title)

I'm now introducing a new unique idea soon to be available via our website. Stephanie and I are working together on a project different than other small businesses. Now, HavetoHave sounds pretty self explanatory; though when discovering the Stationary, custom designs, and other products found on the website, things may truly connect with your heart. You just might say, "I have to have this!" 

Though these are not yet finished, here is just a sample of our customized invitations:

Squishable Up For Vote!

Recently I've had the time to submit my own deign to the Squishable "Open Squish" contest in which my Sunflower has been chosen to be up for voting in Autumn, 2015. We hoped and prayed it would be picked to move forward and it has! Make sure to vote in order to make this simple drawing into a full- fledged plush product. Check out  

The News For January

With Valentine's Day on it's way, Stephanie and I put together some different ideas for cards. With her ideas, and my illustrations, the end results are on the way soon. 

Fee's got her own Postcards!

"Fee's Halloween"

Taken from the upcoming children's book series, "Fee"- By Stephanie Hayner 

To be for sale at the October Moon Halloween Museum and Boutique in Salem, MA. Opening July 1st, 2014. Also check out the original piece in the gallery! 

New Landscape


Sketch of Pickwick Lodge, Round Top NY 

Adding some new landscapes to my online portfolio.